Interior Design Thesis: Make Ur Mark

  • Design Goal: 
    A major goal for this project is to provide equipment necessary for clients and small business to allow them to create and make what they need to succeed. the importance of providing equipment is critical to the success of a makerspace. without the proper equipment clients cannot make successful projects. Another goal for this project is to create a work environment that clients will feel comfortable with the ability to interact with each other on projects. makerspaces are major hubs for social interactions with builders talking to each other asking about ways to improve their projects or ideas. most importantly providing crucial equipment and interactive workspaces will provide the building blocks for a successful makerspace for anyone who enters the makerspaces. 
  • Context:
    Within the past five years 23 schools have closed and become abandoned in Philadelphia With more soon to follow. that’s not even it, Philadelphia schools are getting hit by higher taxes and lower enrollment Which has initiated budget cuts for Philadelphia schools.  this alone has affected the kids and families of the surrounding areas by cutting important programs in public schools, the arts. cutting the arts from public schools doesn’t allow students to be creative and opened to job opportunities in the future unlike schools With art programs Who allow their students to be open to creativity.

  • Ground Floor
  • First Floor
  • Second Floor
  • Third Floor
  • Fourth Floor
  • Long Section
  • Short Section 
  • Outside Perspective 
  • Wood shop Studio Perspective 
  • Main Lobby Perspective 
  • Entrance Perspective 
  • Ceramic Studio Perspective 
  • Display Hall Perspective 
  • Co-working Space Perspective 
  • Hallway Perspective 
  • Lecture Perspective 
  • Ceramics Studio Ceiling Detail 
  • Pod Detail 
  • Painting Studio Detail 
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Sustainability:
    The completion of this project will serve as a resource to the sustainably community with quality’s that provide simple solutions to making the environment we live in cleaner and safer for humanity. the existing building will be utilized As A building block for design development by reusing existing materials to eliminate future waste in landfills and encouraging the importance of recycling old materials. consolidating the energy from the sun to heat, power, and cool the space will reduce energy usage and will lower the cost to operate the makerspace. this will be possible by providing on site solar panels for power and automated shades to reduce exposure to midday sun ray heat. interior of the building will use low vocs And to incorporate foliage to improve indoor Air quality for users. the building will set A precedent for All future makerspaces built. 
  • Material Board