[re]Cycle Bike Factory, Design VI, Prof. Dunham

  • The [re]Cycle Bike Factory is located in Philadelphia along the Reading Viaduct on 11th Street. The triangular site, split by Carlton Street, sits along the branch of the Viaduct moving northeast. The main program spaces are for retail and manufacturing, with the main retail space to the south and manufacturing above, extending across the entire site, raised from the level of the Viaduct. Elevating the program allows the Viaduct to extend onto the roof of the manufacturing area below and provides more open outdoor space for users of the Viaduct park. The primary materials used in the factory are glass and steel, with a translucent polycarbonate skin. Within a large truss structure, it provides diffuse light to the work space, allowing the employees to work using natural daylight. This truss works in conjunction with dendriform columns, which are also used in the retail space. Here, they support the green roof above and provide visual consistency between the two main program spaces. As a whole, the [re]Cycle Bike Factory aids with the redevelopment of both the Reading Viaduct and the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Exploded view of entire building with construction details to the right
  • This view west of the facade highlights the manufacturing space raised above the level of the Viaduct within a large truss structure (above). The same view in section shows the interior of the manufacturing space, supported underneath by the steel tree structures (below).
  • Retail space near entry from Viaduct level
  • Final presentation board