ROOTED: Issue 14, Philly Owners & Shops

  • ROOTED Magazine was created with both experienced and beginner plant owners in mind. Every issue of this publication works to educate this target audience on ownership of a variety of foliage, and includes first account interviews from owners. Issue 14: Philly Owners & Shops focuses the department articles around two local Philadelphian plant collectors Jen Taing & Kale Henderson. You as the reader also learn the best care practices for two exceptional beginner plants, aloe vera and snake plants. This issue also has two featured articles: Featured N' Philly & The History of Houseplants. Featured N' Philly gives you a guide to the best local plant shops, and what greenhouse are well worth your trip in the area. The History of Houseplants explores the background and history behind houseplants dating back to the Victorian Era.

    This magazine is accompanied with a digital accompaniment which gives readers ability to subscribe to the series quarterly, biannually, or annually. There is also a news feed which has relevant articles from the printed issues along with other care tips for owners only available digitally. The editors of ROOTED also post weekly featured species on the discover page, along with a blog open for subscribers to post any care questions they may run into.