Restaurant Rebrand: Yummy Yummy

  • Restaurant Rebrand: Yummy Yummy

    Yummy Yummy is a small Chinese restaurant located in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. The restaurant sells steamed buns, egg waffles and bubble tea at affordable prices. People of all ages come into the store and it’s usually to pick up food. It’s not typical for people to eat at the store. The restaurant is open from 8AM to 7PM, but a lot of the items are sold out before closing time. 
  • Why Rebrand?

    The restaurant has no noticeable branding. Like other Chinese restaurants, Yummy Yummy has a yellow and red storefront awning. The name of the restaurant is written in both English and Chinese. There’s no distinguishing mark that makes the restaurant stand out. 
    The store has a large chalk menu on one of the walls and smaller poster type menus are stuck to the counters. There is no consistency and most of the menu items are handwritten. Some items are written in English, others in Chinese and occasionally both English and Chinese are used. 
  • Based on the observations and research made on Yummy Yummy, the restaurant would benefit from a rebrand as it would make it stand out among competitors. The new logo shows a white cloud inside a yellow circle with the word yummy on each side. The cloud alludes to the Chinese name of the restaurant which is Mandate of Heaven Food Specialist Shop. The cloud signifies the heaven part of the name and it also refers to the fluffy food that is made at Yummy Yummy. The new brand colors are gold, beige, cyan blue and black for the text. The gold color represents the warm atmosphere of the restaurant as well as the fact that it’s a day time shop. 
  • Folder, envelopes, business cards and letterhead.
  • Menu​​​​​​​
  • Food and Beverage Package Design​​​​​​​

    As part of the rebrand, new packaging with the restaurant’s logo and colors are going to be implemented. Since the store sells individual steamed buns, a bun container was created so customers could get an assortment of buns in a convenient manner. The bubble tea cups were also redesigned in a modern yet fun way. A spiral like pattern is incorporated into the different elements to make for a more interesting design. The rebranded Yummy Yummy will stand out as homey and modern Chinese restaurant.
  • Bun box. Customers can pick out different bun fillings and create their own bun box.
  • Social Media Strategy