Greetings from Glamtron | Senior Collection 2 Spr. 2020

  • Hello humans, and welcome to my corner of the universe. 

    I am proud to introduce you to Greetings, From the Planet Glamtron, a spring/summer sportswear capsule collection straight out of the Milky Way, where blending in means to surrender your individuality.

    This collection challenges Earth’s contentment with normality, and provides a sensory supernova of bold colors, shapes, and textures that will delight your senses.

    Please, sit back and enjoy your interstellar flight.
  • The Glamtron girl goes boldly where no woman has ever gone before - giving insight to an alternate reality, light years away where superfluous Plain Janes no longer walk the Earth. 

    Inspired by cult classic, space-age films such as Mars Attacks and Mars Needs Women, I wanted to pay homage to the unique minds who are unafraid to explore unusual styling combinations and are fearlessly curious for new ways they can translate apparel. The Glamtron girl does not follow trends, she manifests her own visionary interpretation of fashion.

    These glamorous creatures may stand out, but they mean you no harm.
  • It was important to draw the line between pursuing wearable versus avant-garde. I sought out complimentary textiles that were versatile, comfortable, but unique and somewhat unorthodox: whether that was in color, quality or application. 

    My chosen color palette followed the traditional CMYK model with additional pastel shades to offset the neons, which is reflected in my solid fabrics.I chose to steer away from excess by selecting a limited number of prints and gravitating towards static repeats, rather than forcing optical overload. 

    Dynamic trims such as tiered fringe and satin cording, paired with uncommon materials like multicolor fur and embroidered, tinted vinyl converge into a spectacular array of wearable pieces that do everything but fade into a crowd.
  • I enjoyed playing around with your typical commercial garments, remixing & reviving them with a tasteful dose of kitsch.

    Maintaining an aspect of wearability was important, but for those who dare.

    When designing, I looked to young creatives who crave to distinguish themselves from the bustling world around them, finding their tribes in underground subcultures. Their social media feeds are saturated with new ideas that push them to use fashion as their medium for creation.

    I also took this opportunity to experiment with accessories to further flex my design muscles and encourage fresh styling combinations for merchandising purposes.
  • My overall concept examined how we strive to express ourselves as unique, contrasting our innate desire to assimilate with what we perceive to be normal. 

    I approached the initial research wanting to explore the inner workings of our ego and the creation of our personalities, curated by our likes and dislikes to reflect our individuality.
  • Especially in today’s visually heavy society, our perception of beauty has synthesized into immediate, flash in the pan impressions. With the accompanying designs, I sought to make a striking visual impact using commonly seen apparel reworked through a cosmic lens. 

    For example, when constructing my first look, I focused on highlighting the strengths of each material, united to create a dazzling spectacle straight out of Area 51. Through iterative means of patterning and draping, I toyed around with ways to make each garment it’s own star.
  • Hoodies, bodysuits and pleated skirts are crucial to most wardrobes, but on Glamtron, they’re glittery and colorfully top stitched. With a lace-up closure, the vinyl skirt can fit a myriad of sizes and the transparent overlay will complement any styled pairing.

     I chose to crop the pullover to not only add another point of interest, but I felt it elongated the torso and exposed the bodysuit underneath. On the back is an equally vexing embroidery inspired by “all-seeing” symbolism, stitched onto the pattern piece before construction contributing an additional focal point.
  • For the second look of this collection, it was time to turn the knob up. In a sea of mix-matched solid fabrics, color-blocked printed canvas broken up by satin bias cording was the perfect response to the more wearable pieces in this collection. 

    I designed this trapeze dress as a standalone garment, styled with dish gloves for that futuristic mod look - carried with a pleated vinyl frill hem for more coverage, and the additional weight gives this dress extra bounce in each step.

    The short puffed sleeves balances the sleeve length of look one, while not detracting from each look’s spirit, and the pastel fur collar hushes the intensity of this printed number.
  • And finally, the third look in this interplanetary trifecta is this sleeveless satin blouse in a western style, utilizing the tiered fringe sewn into yokes at the bust line for flare. The western silhouette is a sisterly pairing to the cow print denim featured in other looks, hearkening to campy the characteristics shared by this collection.

    This look is topped off with a striped balloon sweatpant, matching the pullover in look one to showcase them as a set, and demonstrate that each piece can be styled many different ways and layered up or down.