Logan Business District Brand Identity

  • This logo was created to be placed on stationary sets and used as a campaign tool for the Logan Business District.
  • This is a mock-up of what banners could look like hanging from the Logan Library.
  • Here is another mock-up od what banners could look like hanging from telephone poles, street signs, or traffic poles.
  • I worked with another student who came up with a cheap and easy way to make benches for the community. This would be an example of what the bench would look like placed next to the library.
  • Here is another example of the bench.
  • This "poster" can be displayed on large-scale items such as bus shelters.
  • When doing research, we found there to me many small shops and food take out places. Possibly they could use this type of bag with the Logan Business District on it to give to their customers.
  • Here is another example of a bag that could be used.
  • This is a series of buttons I've come up with that could be handed out at different town events.